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The 2007 Mud Dog Rugby season has finished.

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Missoula Valley rugby Falls to UM Jesters

April 14, 2007

Missoula -

The Missoula Mud Dogs played their second game this past Saturday, April 14th at Dornblazer field in Missoula, MT against a well-practiced University of Montana Jesters B-side. Although the Mud Dogs fought well, and continued to improve their game, the more experienced Jester side won the day with their relentless back line runs. However, the Mud Dogs battled well and proved they would not simply “roll over” by running a 35 meter weak-side 8-man pick play for their first team try.

Mud Dog has certainly stepped up since its first run with the Drummond Trojans, and excellent personal efforts were made all around the field. Tackles remain strong from all positions while rucking, and back line play continues to improve.

The Mud Dogs would like to thank the Jesters for the chance to play a high level opponent, and the Kalispell Moose for the use of their jerseys while ours are in route. Thanks to all our fans who came to the pitch and offer their support to these up and coming rugby stars. And a huge Thank You to the Missoula Maggots for offering to run a special practice clinic for the Mud Dogs prior to their game Saturday.

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