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The 2008 Simms Rugby season is under way!

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Zack Mannon

Welcome to the Simms R.F.C. Web Page.

Here you'll learn about the sport of rugby in the Valley, in Montana, in the States' and in the world. The SRVRFC, formerly known as the Simms Vigalante RFC was established in 2004, under the supervision of Mr. Steve Lundgren, an English teacher at Simms, and a former Rugby player from California, now serving someplace in southwestern asia.In 2006, we changed from the Simms Rugby Football Club to the Sun River Valley Rugby Football Club, and now in 2007, we are once again changingto the Simms Rugby Football Club. We are informed that Coach Lundgren is once again stateside, but, unfortunatley will not be able to join us this season.

Rugby is a popular game played by men and women of every race and creed, from under age five to well over fifty, in over 100 countries of the world. In a few of those countries it is the national sport- some would say a religion. The basic game envolves 15 members of a rugby club.The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by carrying, passing, kicking and grounding an oval ball in the scoring zone at the far end of the field-- called the in-goal area. Grounding the ball, which must be done with downward pressure, results in a try (worth 5 points).After a try a conversion may be attempted by place kick or drop kick. If the ball passes over the bar and between the goal posts the conversion is successful and results in a further 2 points. Points may also be scored from a drop kick in general play (worth 3 points) and a penalty kick (worth 3 points).

The ball may not be passed forward (though it may be kicked forward) and players may not receive the ball in an offside position, nor may they wait in such a position. players may not be tackled without the ball. Play only stops when a try is scored, or the ball goes out of play, or an infringement occurs. When the ball goes out it is thrown back in at a line out where opposing "forwards" line up and jump for the ball. Infringements result in a penalty, free kick, or scrum. In a scrum the opposing forwards bind together in a unit and push against the other forwards,trying to win the ball with their feet. Substitutions are only allowed in case of injury and there is no seperate offensive and defensive unit.

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