About Us


Rugby Montana is a State Rugby Organization (SRO) overseeing youth and high school rugby in Montana.  Rugby Montana is a member of USA Rugby, the national governing body for the sport of rugby in America. Rugby Montana develops  the youth and high school game across the state from the grassroots to the all star team level.


Spirit of the Game

From the Principles of the Game, World Rugby:

Rugby owes much of its appeal to the fact that it is played both to the letter and within the Spirit of the Laws. The responsibility for ensuring that this happens lies not with one individual – it involves coaches, captains, players and referees.


t is through discipline, control and mutual respect that the Spirit of the Game flourishes and, in the context of a Game as physically challenging as Rugby, these are the qualities which forge the fellowship and sense of fair play so essential to the Game’s ongoing success and survival.

Old fashioned traditions and virtues they may be, but they have stood the test of time and, at all levels at which the Game is played, they remain as important to Rugby’s future as they have been throughout its long and distinguished past. The principles of Rugby are the fundamental elements upon which the Game is based and they enable participants to immediately identify the Game’s character and what makes it distinctive as a sport.