Starting a New Team

You have agreed to become a new rugby coach and/or start a new rugby team; now what? Where should you start? What should you do? What new responsibilities do you have? This guide should set you in the right direction. Please remember that this is going to be a learning experience, being prepared will help make the job a little easier.

Register with Rugby Montana

Notify the Rugby Montana Administrator of your intent to start a club and learn what training and resources are available to get you started.   Provide the name of your club or team and specific age groups that you will be targeting.  The Rugby Montana Administrator will provide available resources and get your club or team set up within the state registration database for you to get started.  In addition, we will set up your account with USA Rugby for your club or team to help you get started.

Register with USA Rugby

Next you will need to register with USA Rugby (register under the “coach” or “administrator” category). This $65 registration will start the qualification process to coach youth rugby; it includes accidental injury insurance, liability insurance, level 100 coaching course, online coach resources, and cost of the background check. Go to, click on Register in the top right corner.  Select your specific team or club in the options provided for registering.

What type of training does Rugby Montana offer?

  • Annual Level 200 Coaching Clinics
  • Strength and Conditioning Clinics
  • Level 300 Coaching Clinics
  • Rookie Rugby training programs

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