What Parents Need to Know About Rugby

What is Rugby?

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world and the fastest growing sport in the United States. Created in England in the early 1800s, rugby developed into and shares many similarities with football here in the United States.

Will My Kid Be Safe?

Rugby revolves around player safety and fair competition. The laws related to rugby put player welfare as the foremost concern. Because players wear little protective gear, they must learn how to use their bodies safely. Coaches focus on ensuring that players understand how to play correctly. Referees monitor each match to ensure that safety is paramount. Both the world governing body (World Rugby) and the national governing body (USA Rugby) have programs devoted to nothing but player safety.

To the first time observer, the game of Rugby looks like a violent clash of bodies.  Without doubt, rugby as a contact sport has its share of injuries. Bruises and bleeding are not uncommon. Concussions do occur. But past this exterior, rugby is a safe game for your son or daughter to enjoy.

What will my kid get out of playing? Why shouldn’t they play soccer/lacrosse/tennis/basketball/etc…?

Rugby fans are quick to talk about the many positives of the game. For those interested, a fantastic article talking about all of these can be found on the Goff Rugby Report, a website dedicated to covering youth and collegiate rugby. However, ask enough people and the following answers are always at the top of the list:

  1. Rugby breeds character. Rugby is one of the only sports where it is expected that players not only shake hands but eat and drink with one another after a match. Rugby has been studied as a model of how to create better individuals. As an aside, it is famous throughout the world as the sport where the players call the referees “Sir” – we’re not joking.
  2. Rugby is a sport for all. It doesn’t matter who you are, rugby has a place. Unlike sports where players must be the precise combinations of speed and size, rugby has a place for the person on the team. The game is a team effort and all players must contribute for success.
  3. Rugby encompasses the world. Once you’ve played a game of rugby, you have joined a worldwide fraternity.  Go to any corner of the world, and say “rugby” and someone will know. Indeed, few sports have changed a country, but rugby is known as the sport that unified South Africa after apartheid.

What will it cost?

To start to play, each kid will need:

  • Rugby Montana Membership (includes USA Rugby membership for insurance) – $40
  • A pair of cleats – $25
  • A pair of shorts – $20
  • A mouthguard $3

How much time is this going to take?

The Montana youth rugby season runs from late March to early June. Most teams practice two times a week and most weekends have a game in it during this period.


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Who do I contact?

Contact  the Rugby Montana Administrator directly to get in touch with a Club in your area.